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Large Dog Confidently Tries To Steal An Amazon Delivery Van [Video]



  • An Amazon delivery driver was shocked to see a large dog suddenly enter her van and get in the driver’s seat.
  • She shared a video of the carnapping Saint Bernard on TikTok, where she asked for advice on what to do.
  • The pup’s attempt to drive off the van was not successful since his owner eventually found him.

There have been plenty of stories where a pup had a sudden urge for a joyride and drove off with its owner’s vehicle. This time, a huge dog got away from its owner and attempted to get away with an Amazon delivery driver’s van!

Amazon delivery driver Amber shared a video of her catching a canine carnapper in the act on Jan. 28.

Amber pleads to her audience, “Please explain to me what I’m supposed to do in this situation.” She then moves the camera to show a large, brown-and-white dog climbing into the van’s passenger seat before moving onto the driver’s seat.


i wanted to take him home but his owner came and got him out lol #fyp #trending #amazon #amazondelivery #amazondeliverydriver ♬ original sound – ambergirts

Amber said that the huge dog, who appears to be a Saint Bernard, entered the van when Amber opened the rear door. The big and fluffy dog immediately made its way to the front seats.

The dog confidently sat in the driver’s seat, as if he was ready to drive off!

An amused Amber can’t help but laugh as she tells the giant dog, “You’re very pretty, but I need you to get out of my front seat.”

Photo Credit: TikTok/ambergirts

Amber explained in the video caption that she wanted to take the pup home “but his owner came and got him out.”

The video has since been viewed over 9 million times. It received over 1.5 million likes and over 31,000 comments. Many viewers suggested that if it isn’t possible for the pup to be a driver, he should at least be a co-pilot.

Source: Daily Paws