Large Dog Naps in the Most Uncomfortable-Looking Positions

Large Dog Naps in the Most Uncomfortable-Looking Positions

  • Howard is a large dog who doesn’t seem to be aware of his size.
  • When he’s awake, he keeps knocking into everything, and when he’s sleeping, he tends to sleep with only half of his body on the furniture.
  • His sleeping positions may look uncomfortable, but the awkward dog can sleep like that for hours!

Howard is one large dog — he’s a golden retriever/Lab mix. He also loves a good nap, and he sleeps in the strangest positions!

Photo Credit: Kimberley Spencer

It seems that the large pup doesn’t realize how much space he needs.

Even when he’s awake, he ends up bumping into and knocking over everything.

His mom, Kimberley Spencer, told The Dodo, β€œHe has always been huge and pays attention to nothing. Howard is almost 100 pounds but thinks he is 25 pounds. When he stretches out on the bed, his body is about 5 feet long β€” coincidentally, the same as my height.”

Now that his family members are always home, they get to see all his hilarious sleeping positions.

Photo Credit: Kimberley Spencer

Kimberley shares Howard’s favorite sleeping position: β€œHe loves to stretch out with his legs straight out behind him sleeping on his belly while on a bed, much like the same way I sleep.

“But ever since he was a puppy, he would put his front paws or front half of his body on furniture and never his back half,” she added.

Photo Credit: Kimberley Spencer

Howard stuck with the same position as he grew up.

β€œI am OK with that because it cracks me up daily,” Kimberley shared. β€œHe often sleeps during the day on the ottoman and usually with a ball or a toy duck sticking out of his mouth and always with his rear end off the ottoman.”

It still worries her sometimes, though, since his sleeping positions look uncomfortable.

Photo Credit: Kimberley Spencer

β€œHis back feet are normally tucked under so it appears like he is kneeling,” she shared. β€œI never know how that can be comfortable.”

But the sleepy Howard can sleep like that — with just half of his body on the furniture — for hours!

Photo Credit: Kimberley Spencer

His quirky sleeping habits only make him more beloved to his family, who has designated the ottoman as Howard’s alone.

β€œHoward has been the best addition to our family. It honestly feels like he has always been a part of this family,” Kimberley shared.

Check out more of Howard’s quirky habits on Instagram.

Source: The Dodo

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