Special Needs Duck Called Cheerio Gets To Experience The Rain For First Time [Video]

  • A farm sanctuary rescued Cheerio the duck when he was just a day old.
  • Now 10-months-old, Cheerio has been experiencing firsts with only one eye and neurological issues that does not allow him to walk without assistance.
  • Cheerio’s first rain experience was documented by his mom, Amanda Clark, and one cannot help but be touched by the duck’s curiosity and amazement.

When Cheerio arrived at the Here With Us Farm Sanctuary in South Central, Pennsylvania, he was only a day old and it was touch and go for a while.  His mom, Amanda Clark, was hanging on to a prayer that Cheerio would make it.

But Cheerio bravely fought and he is now 10 months old and experiencing a lot of firsts— like rain.

Cheerio is a special needs duck.  He only has one eye and has serious neurological issues that disables him to walk without help.  That is why whatever he experiences for the first time is a cause for a celebration that tugs at your heart.

Clark has been documenting Cheerio’s defining moments and when it came for the rain experience, she said it was hard for her not to cry. “When Cheerio first saw and felt the rain, it was pure joy.” She added, “His little face lit up. You could see how curious he was and how happy to be experiencing it.”

Photo Credit: Amanda Clark

The sanctuary has been a blessing for Cheerio and the other 200 rescued farm animals living with him. They have been kept safe from the bad experiences that they have gone through and have recovered and thrived from the attention and care that they have been given.  And each one has a story to tell that would pull at your heartstrings but for Clark, it is Cheerio who has changed her life in so many ways.

Photo Credit: Amanda Clark

Clark said, “He is so determined and truly an inspiration to always keep going, keep trying and never give up. Finding joy in even the small things. He’s just an amazing little guy.”

Source: The Dodo

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