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Lifeguard with Prosthetic Leg Rescues Driver of Sinking Car [Video]



  • Anthony Capuano, a lifeguard and certified swim instructor, never let his amputated leg stop him from helping others, especially during an emergency.
  • When he saw a car sinking down Newark Bay, he didn’t hesitate to throw away his prosthetic leg, jump in the water, and swim to the panicking driver.
  • With the help of another rescuer, they were able to bring the man safely to shore.

Certified swim instructor Anthony Capuano may have lost his leg 12 years ago due to an accident, but that never stopped him.

The 29-year-old is also a lifeguard at the British Swim School, and he’s prepared to step up during an emergency.

Photo Credit: YouTube

So when he came by a sinking car, he did not hesitate to rush in and help the driver.

The man was driving near Newark Bay, where Anthony was working on November 10. The 68-year-old driver tried to pull over to answer his phone but he lost control and accidentally pressed on both the brake and accelerator. The car went straight into the bay.

Anthony took off his prosthetic leg and jumped in the water. He then swam to the car and tried to calm down the driver, who was panicking.

Anthony recalled, “He was like, ‘I can’t swim, I can’t swim.’ I said, ‘It’s OK, I’m a lifeguard.’”

With the help of another rescuer, Marcelino Cruz, the man was brought safely back to shore. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis praised Anthony for his selfless act.


A witness, Helena Bilodeau, added, “We were amazed that this man, Anthony, was the one that went in there. And we learned that Anthony has one leg missing. … His physical condition did not stop him.”

anthony with prosthetic leg
Photo Credit: YouTube

Anthony later said that he just followed his instincts. He added, “To my fellow amputees out there, I would just say don’t let anything stop you.”

When it came to an emergency, this hero dropped everything and came to the rescue! Thank you, Anthony, for reminding us that everyone can be a hero.

Source: Inspire More