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Literary Feline Gets His Own Book, Allowing Owner to Read in Peace: “Smart Boy”



Quick Smiles:

  • Heli from Helsinki, Finland, found an ingenious solution to her cat, Mauri’s bookish interruptions: she gave him his own book.
  • Mauri is a literature-loving feline who now enjoys his own books while Heli can peacefully read hers.
  • The story went viral on TikTok, receiving over 215,000 views and more than 33,000 likes, with many users sharing their similar experiences and praises for the “smart boy.”

When you’re a bookworm, your worst fear is an interruption during those quiet moments with a captivating novel.

But what happens when the interruption is too adorable to handle?

Just ask Heli from Helsinki, Finland, who found herself at the center of this adorable dilemma.

Her eight-year-old tuxedo cat, Mauri, a “curious little prince,” has a knack for hogging her attention, especially when she’s lost in literature.

“Mauri keeps trying to play with the pages and munch on the book spine,” Heli shared.

“Anything to make me pay attention to him and not the book.”


To keep the peace and protect her precious reading time, Heli hatched a plan that would appeal to Mauri’s fondness for books.

“Cats like to mimic their owners so giving him a book of his own seems to be working,” she revealed.

“Once I place a decoy book next to him he will finally let me read in peace.”

Heli shared this purr-fect solution on her TikTok account, @mauriandcucumbers, showcasing Mauri’s mischievousness and then his contentment with his own novel.


The reaction to this ingenious strategy was immediate and enthusiastic, with the video garnering over 215,000 views and more than 33,000 likes.

Users chimed in with praise and similar stories.


“Such a handsome and smart boy! Reading buddies!” one user declared.

Another playfully suggested, “Can’t wait to follow your cat on Goodreads.”

Yet another voiced the sentiment we’re all thinking: “Well this is just wholesome.”

So, if you’re a book lover with a furry friend who simply can’t resist the allure of those turning pages, take a leaf out of Heli’s book.

It might just turn out to be the bestseller in your home!