Little dog invents favorite game using her mom’s scrunchie [Video]

  • A little dog discovered her mom’s scrunchie one day and played with it.
  • The dog discovered how to make the scrunchie fly.
  • Since then, she will only play that game she invented.

Sugar has always had a fun attitude, but she’s also incredibly self-reliant and prefers playing alone. She understands exactly what she wants to do and doesn’t want other people to get in the way.

Katerina Pope, Sugar’s mom, told The Dodo:


“She’s very playful but stubborn. She wants you to pay attention to her playing but doesn’t always want to play with you.”

One day, Pope was in the bathroom blow-drying her hair. She kept the bottom drawer open to keep all of her hair accessories within easy reach. Sugar reached inside the drawer and pulled out a scrunchie. Pope didn’t see anything wrong with her messing around with it and didn’t think much more of it. It was only a scrunchie, after all. What exactly could she do with it?

She had no idea that her scrunchie was about to lead to the creation of Sugar’s favorite game in the entire world.

“All of a sudden a scrunchie came flying past my face and I was so confused,” Pope recounted. “I gave it back to her and within a minute it happened again, and then again. Ever since, the scrunchies haven’t stopped flying.”

Sugar found that if she used her paws to push down on the scrunchie and her snout to push up, the scrunchie would fly away. She could then chase down the scrunchie, catch it, and repeat the process. It’s quite remarkable that she figured it out, and now she’ll only play that game.

“She plays with them daily, unless I pick them all up, but then she whines trying to get them out of her toy box,” Pope said. “She gets scrunchies stuck all the time. In the hamper, on top of the TV, on my desk, on top of shelves and loses them over the fence.”

Sugar has a variety of scrunchies that are completely hers, and most people aren’t aware of the magnitude of her passion until they see them firsthand.

Pope revealed that she once had a home organizer come in and help her organize. She had far too many scrunchies, according to the organizer. Pope told her they were Sugar’s, and she always loses them, and because she likes to shoot them, the elastic breaks and they fall over the fence or into her bowl of cereal, and they have to be thrown away. Sugar then took a scrunchie and began blasting it all over the room. The home organizer was taken aback and said she didn’t believe Pope at first.


“I was like, ‘I told you! ’ We had a good laugh. People don’t understand until they see it in person.”

Sugar’s scrunchie game is certainly eccentric, but it provides her so much delight that it’s truly all that matters.

Source: The Dodo

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