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Little Girl In Hysterics After ‘Monster’ Puppy Destroys Her Barbie Doll [Video]



  • A little girl called a puppy “a monster” after she found that her doll’s limbs have been chewed off.
  • Her heartbreak can be heard in her voice as she screamed in an epic freakout.
  • Perhaps the puppy will quickly learn not to do it again, but it was hard for his mom to get angry at his cute face!

Pet owners know that bringing a new pet into the fold can lead to the occasional mess and destruction, especially when the pets are still young and untrained. Young pets are like little kids who still don’t know the “rules.”

So when it comes to training a puppy, parents can expect that some of their things will be destroyed. It’s all part of the training process. But it becomes more complicated when there are also human kids involved.

A video shared on TikTok by user @mamacitamilena showed a mutilated Barbie doll while her daughter’s tearful voice can be heard in the background screaming, “What did you do?” The girl then says, “You’re a monster,” as the camera pans to a guilty-looking puppy.

The poor girl was so upset about her broken doll! We can feel her grief in her voice even though the camera didn’t show her crying.

Her precious doll was left in a deplorable condition. It seemed like the puppy chewed off the doll’s hands and even some of her feet!

Photo Credit: TikTok/mamacitamilena

Most of the viewers felt bad for the little girl, but many said that the whole experience served as a lesson for the girl to tidy up her things.

One comment from @sds1965 read, “Someone just learned the painful lesson of what happens when you don’t pick up your toys from the pup.” That was harsh! Another user, @anniej2018, warned, “She’s like, ‘Keep up that yelling and Ken’s next!’”

We can only hope that the puppy will quickly learn not to do that anymore, or his parents can get him a more appropriate chew toy! The little girl may not be able to suffer another heartbreak so soon.

Other viewers, meanwhile, sided with the puppy and even pronounced him innocent.

His mom may even agree! In another video, the puppy can be seen looking innocently at his latest casualty: the wall.


His mom captioned the video, “He is such a trouble but cute!”

Who can stay angry at such a cute face?

You can see more of this adorable family on TikTok. Don’t forget to share this story with pet owners who can relate!

Source: Pet Helpful