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Little Girl Includes Herself In Pet Dogs’ Daily Activities, Including Asking For Treats From The Neighbor



  • Ramona Whalley adores spending time with their dogs, so much that she takes part in everything.
  • Their neighbor started handing out treats to the animals and the little girl wanted in on the fun.
  • The generous neighbor offers baked oatmeal cookies for the little girl and dog treats for her dog brothers.

Ramona Whalley wants to feel included in everything, especially with activities where her dog brothers take part in. The little girl adores hanging out with them. Zeus and Blue are happy to include her in their activities. Plus, both animals are always gentle and relaxed around her.

“She loves her big puppies and is always trying to give them kisses,” Mike Whalley said about his daughter. “She also often finds them hilarious, frequently having giggle fits about something they’re doing like chasing their tail or jumping around for toys or snacks.”

Ramona wanted to be part of the pack, so when her brothers were getting treats each day from their neighbor, it was natural for her to include herself.

[Our] neighbor, Gary, originally shared a bologna sandwich with Zeus one afternoon. He asked us if it was all right and then he started buying boxes of dog treats to offer,” Mike said. “At first, it was just Zeus, then we got Blue and he joined in.”

This started the moment after she was introduced to solid foods. Of course, her treats were different from what was intended for her brothers. Their neighbor made her baked oatmeal cookies whenever. From there, she found out how good her dog brothers had it.

“Now that she’s walking and mobile she just trots on over to the fence to line up with the dogs so she can get her ‘treats’ too,” Mike said.

The distribution of treats was unequal. The animals receive their treats during their breakfast, lunchtime, coffee break, and their bedtime snack time.  “Ramona usually joins in for the afternoon treats and it’s usually a cookie or some Ritz crackers,” Mike explained.

The animals have their neighbor on a strict schedule when it comes to these treats. Their generous neighbor never disappoints, especially now that there is a new addition to their little pack.

Source: The Dodo