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Lola the Bulldog’s Cow-tastic Adventure Warms the Internet!



Quick Smiles:

  • Lola the English Bulldog cozies up amidst a herd of cows, feeling right at home.
  • Despite reminders from her mom, Lola remains convinced she’s part of the cow crew.
  • TikTok users celebrate Lola’s spirited, unique identity and her loving bond with the bovines.

We’ve heard of dogs thinking they’re humans, but a dog thinking she’s a cow? Now that’s a new one!

A recent video shared by Lola’s dog-mom on TikTok, @shaneesemcl, gave us a peek into Lola’s moo-tastic world, and we’re utterly smitten!


Anyone else have this problem 🤔🐄 ♬ original sound – Shaneese McLoughlin

In this adorable clip, Lola, a spunky English Bulldog, takes her place proudly among a herd of cows. And oh, is she content! But as her mom playfully reminds her, “you’re not a cow,” Lola gives a look that seems to say, “Are you sure?”

One could argue that Lola might have a point. With her black and white coat that uncannily resembles the cows, Lola feels she’s just one of the herd. And let’s face it, she’s embracing the cow life with every ounce of her bulldog spirit. Even as the raindrops fall and the cows munch on their grass, Lola’s determination to fit in remains unshaken. She’s cow… well, at least at heart!

But Lola’s connection to these gentle giants isn’t just a random act of adorableness. Dogs and cows share a heartwarming rapport. While dogs are often herders and protectors, cows relish the calming vibes they bring, making their bond genuine and deep.


The internet, of course, is loving every moment of it! TikTok user @clairearthurs22 gushed, ‘This is brilliant. She’s like, “Well I think differently, clearly we matching.”‘

And @ms.tea_zombie13 had us nodding in agreement, commenting, “She can be whatever she wants to! Don’t you hinder her free spirit.”

Lola, whether you’re a dog, a cow, or a delightful blend of both, we’re cheering you on! Stay moo-velous! 🐶🐄❤️