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Look: Angry Kitzia Is The New Grumpy Cat In Town



We all mourned when the original Grumpy Cat, Tardar Sauce, died last year. But there’s a new ‘grumpy’ feline that’s taking the Internet by storm!

Meet Kitzia — a striped tabby cat. She lives in Florida with her mom Viktoriia Otdielnova, a Ukrainian photographer.

It was in 2018 when Viktoriia realized how funny Kitzia’s permanent scowl is. She started posting photos of the “adorable” cat on her Instagram page to show her off. The response was epic! People just can’t get enough of Kitzia’s funny expressions!

Photo Credit: grumpy_kitzia (Instagram)

Just one look at her and you’ll realize why she’s instantly compared to Tardar Sauce.

But don’t think that Kitzia is actually grumpy, in fact, she’s a sweetheart!

“I look weird, but I am very friendly,” Viktoriia captioned the first photo she uploaded to the feline’s social media page.

Photo Credit: grumpy_kitzia (Instagram)

From the first pictures Viktoriia shared online, lots and lots of people have been drawn to Kitzia’s relatable grimaces, making her Instagram followers ballooned to 50,000.

Victoriia named the now-famous cat Kitzia because it means “kitty” in Ukrainian. She’s called “Angry Kitzia” more often these days.

Her “favorite place to sleep” is on the lap of a huge plush teddy bear.

Photo Credit: grumpy_kitzia (Instagram)

Since Viktoriia is a professional photographer, she manages to capture Kitzia’s grumpiness perfectly in every shot! The feline looks like an adorable cartoon character with her bright eyes and a sour expression. Just look at those angry eyebrows, LOL!

“I have no idea how this cat has so many personalities,” Victoriia wrote on Instagram. “That’s one of them, grumpy grandma.”

Photo Credit: grumpy_kitzia (Instagram)

People’s reactions to Kitzia’s photos are overwhelmingly positive. She has a new title — the grumpy cat the world needs right now.

“The face is unreal,” one fan wrote. “We love her!” Another gushed, “Facial expressions are fantastic!”

Photo Credit: grumpy_kitzia (Instagram)

Kitzia is the grumpiest, all right… but in the most adorable way possible! We’re in love!

Source: Inspire More