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Lost dog made its way to the arms of actress Hilary Swank



  • Chelsea Blackwell’s dachshund pup Blue wanders out into the streets of Albany, New York.
  • The actress Hilary Swank was on the street filming and managed to save the pup.
  • Blackwell got her beloved pup back and a photo with the actress, too!

Yes, you read it right.  Hilary Swank, a beloved Hollywood actress, saved a dog from getting lost.

It started with Chelsea Blackwell’s dachshund dogs, Blue and Ladybug, managing to get out of their backyard in Albany, New York.  She called and called for them to go home but only Ladybug heeded her call.  Blue was still out on the streets.

Photo Credit: @soulturtle68 (Instagram)

While on her frantic search for the wandering pup, she saw a crowd with cameras and even police cars. She thought that maybe someone got shot.  But thankfully, she was wrong.

It was actually a movie crew filming a scene.  The movie’s star, Hilary Swank, found Blue!  And the actress was about to return the gallivanting Blue to his mom.

Chelsea said, “I was like, ‘No way.’ As soon as she got out of the car, I kissed Blue and said, ‘Thank you so much.’”

And when she asked for an autograph from the actress, Hilary obliged for a picture instead!

Chelsea Blackwell/Facebook

So, when Chelsea uploaded the photo on Instagram, she captioned it with, “God bless you. Beginning of a tragic time of my life, with a beautiful ending … keep shining and being such a wonderful person.”

Turns out that the great actress Swank is no stranger to rescuing dogs.  She even has a foundation that connects rescue animals with young people that “have been given up on by society to create meaningful connections” called Hilaroo.

We all hope that every sad story of beloved dogs getting lost would have a happy ending like this one.  Oh, and thanks, Hilary Swank!


Source: Inspire More