Love At First Sight For Shelter Dog And Rescued Cat Who Both Love Cuddles [Video]

  • A dog and a cat have become cuddle buddies at the Mojo’s Hope rescue center in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Cinder the dog came in first and developed into a nurturing and compassionate sibling to rescues, especially cats.
  • When the cat Bridger McPurr arrived at the shelter, Cinder gave him all the love, care and cuddles, making them best friends.

When two rescued animals met at Mojo’s Hope in Anchorage, Alaska, the one who had been staying at the shelter for a time already, immediately took the new one in.  They may be from different species but their backgrounds of having been rescued is a common ground.

Cinder the dog and her litter was found by a hiker in the woods back in 2015. She was brought to the Mat-Su Valley Shelter where she was showered with love and care.  She was transferred to Mojo’s Hope after six months. At first, “She lacked socialization and was very fearful,” said Shannon Basner, owner of Mojo’s Hope.

Under the shelter’s program, she learned how to trust and her innate nurturing and compassionate nature came out. She cared for her siblings no matter what species but most especially, cats. She mentored every new rescue with her love and care and gave them a safe place to be in.

Bridger McPurr the cat, came to the shelter in July of 2022.  Basner said, “he was clinging to life”, as he was found in the cold with paralyzed legs. Anchorage Animal Care and Control rescuers brought him in to have emergency medical care.  He may not have full use of his legs but he made up for it with his fighting spirit. 

When he arrived at the shelter, “He was immediately purring nonstop,” according to Basner.  She added, “He snuggled so deeply in the nook of my neck, just purring and kneading. That just showed that someone was caring for him, someone had loved him.”

Photo Credit: @mojoshope (Instagram)

His love for cuddles gave Basner the idea to introduce him to Cinder.  And it was love at first sight. Cinder knew that Bridger was very fragile and so she treated him with caution at first.

But they have become cuddle buddies ever since.  Bridger would paw gently at Cinder’s face and snuggle up to her while purring loudly. Basner said, “It’s beyond precious. No matter how many times we have seen this, it is truly the most beautiful and precious sight!”

Photo Credit: @mojoshope (Instagram)

As a permanent resident of Mojo’s Hope, Cinder is not up for adoption but Bridger is. And Basner is hoping he will get to have a wonderful home soon.  But meanwhile, Cinder is giving him all the love and care and lots of cuddles.

Source: The Dodo

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