Love transforms this skin and bones dog to a happy pup

  • Emily the rescued stray dog was skin and bones when she arrived at the shelter.
  • A special diet and a lot of caring enabled Emily to recover both physically and emotionally from her past hurts.
  • Getting adopted into a loving and nurturing home has transformed her from skin and bones to a happy and carefree dog.

Love and caring goes a long, long way in transforming rescued lives.  Not only do their bodies fill in, but their hearts are also filled, making their capacity to love even greater.

Take the case of Emily. Who would have thought that the skin and bones stray dog would still have hope?  That she would learn to trust and be adopted into her forever home?

When the stray was brought in at the RSPCA’s Danaher Animal Home, she weighed next to nothing. Louisa Duranti, the deputy animal centre manager at the home recalled, “She was little more than skin and bones. We put her on a special diet where we fed her little and often to slowly build up her weight and strength.” Giving her much love and care was also a top priority.

Photo Credit: RSPCA

In a few weeks, Emily started getting out of her shell with the help of her caregivers at the shelter.  She also found a forever home.

Emily’s dad said, “We saw Emily’s story and pictures and it broke our hearts. We felt we had to apply to try and help her.”

Looking at the healthy and carefree Emily now, she has been transformed not just physically but also emotionally as she has thrived under the love she has been shown by her new family.  And even if healing journey may still be ongoing, she is a different dog now. She is thriving and her Dad is delighted at the change.

Photo Credit: RSPCA

Colbear said, “Emily is doing really well and has almost completely settled in now. We’ve built her up to eat full meals and although she still has anxious moments, especially at night time, we can only imagine what she’s been through and cuddles in the armchair with us seem to help! She’s really coming out of her shell and finding her voice. She gives us happy little grunts when we play in the garden or give her fuss in her beanbag.”

The Colbears consider themselves lucky to have Emily and pleased to have been able to provide her with a loving and caring home.

Love indeed heals and transforms.

Source: The Dodo

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