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Mailman Provides the Best Reply to 5-Yr-Old’s Letter to Cat in Heaven



  • When 5-year-old Nevaeh lost her cat Tin Tin, she had trouble adjusting to life without her.
  • So she wrote a heartfelt letter addressed to Tin Tin in heaven to make sure she’s alright.
  • A sweet mailman sent a surprise package a week later: a heartfelt letter from “Tin Tin,” a stuffed cat toy, and a book!

Losing a beloved pet will always be difficult, especially for children, who could be confused about what had happened.

One such pet, Tin Tin, passed away earlier this year due to heart failure. Nevaeh Lowe, 5, of Walton-on-Thames, England, was incredibly close to Tin Tin.

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She particularly found it difficult to adjust to life without her best friend.

Her mom, Tamara, shared, “Nevaeh and Tin Tin were best friends, they had a really close bond, whenever they saw each other they were so happy.”

Nevaeh struggled with many sleepless nights. After discussing her worries with her mother, she decided to write Tin Tin a letter to make sure she’s alright.

Tamara told her daughter that she may not receive a reply, but little Nevaeh went ahead and addressed the heartfelt note to heaven and put it in the mailbox.

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They were surprised to received a reply a week later!

It turns out that a kindhearted mailman chose to give Nevaeh the closure she needed instead of ignoring her message!

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Royal Mail late shift FSM Manager Clive Edwards, who also had beloved cats at home, wrote the heartfelt message, complete with an adorable hand-drawn paw print.

In the letter, “Tin Tin” told Nevaeh not to worry since she is happy and healthy again in heaven.

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As mentioned in the letter, the sweet mailman included a stuffed toy that looks like Tin Tin, as well as a book to read for whenever Nevaeh needed some comfort.

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Tamara said that Clive’s kindness “has really helped, her sleeping is getting back to normal, and now that she knows Tin Tin is OK, she is starting to get over the loss and be a bit happier.”

She added that a reply has been “the last thing we expected,” so it was heartwarming to know that there are such kind people working behind the scenes.


“She really needed one final goodbye and to know that Tin Tin was OK without her and being there to look after her,” Tamara shared.

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It was truly a kind and wonderful gesture. We hope that Clive’s actions will inspire everyone to take the time to be kind and help others any way they can.

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