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‘Makeshift vet’ calms down anxious husky and keeps him company [Video]



  • Denali had to undergo surgery after an X-ray revealed that he had eaten a rock.
  • He was so overwhelmed by the constant attention after his surgery, so the staff decided to construct a “makeshift vet” to keep watch over him.
  • Denali calmed down when the “fake” Dr. Sharpe kept him company without overwhelming him with attention.

Meet Denali. He’s a regular at the Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital, where he has been visiting since he was just a puppy. All the staff there know him quite well.

Photo Credit: Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital

So when he ran into some trouble, his family knew they can count on the hospital staff once again.

The hospital’s marketing manager, Jillian, said that Denali’s mom called because the pup stopped eating and even refused his favorite snacks.

When Dr. Sharpe performed a physical exam and did some X-rays, she found a rock inside Denali’s body!

Photo Credit: Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital

It turns out that Denali had eaten a rock, and the foreign body made him sick.

Since Denali wasn’t getting any better even after a full day at the hospital, Dr. Sharpe decided a surgery was needed to remove the rock and start Denali’s recovery.

Photo Credit: Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital

After his surgery, Denali was in the intensive care unit for his entire stay at the vet so he can be constantly monitored.

Denali loves Dr. Sharpe and all the staff, but having so many people around him at all times overwhelmed him. He got so anxious that he chewed through “3 IV catheters, 5 IV lines, and 2 e-collars,” the staff wrote.

At the same time, Denali didn’t like being completely alone.

So, the staff came up with an impressive solution: a “makeshift vet.” And it worked wonders!


Denali update: After chewing through 3 IV catheters, 5 IV lines, and 2 e-collars only 1 thing kept him calm, a make shift Dr. Sharpe to watch over him as he rests. 😂🐶❤️ #veterinarian #vetmed #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #husky #vethospital ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

The staff constructed the “fake” vet using an IV pole, a mop, and a picture of his favorite vet, Dr. Sharpe.

He immediately calmed down when he felt that there was still someone with him who did not overwhelm him with too much attention.

Jillian shared, “For Denali, less is more… he settled right down. This is before AND after surgery. He seemed to be mesmerized by it. It stayed by him his entire stay.”

Now, Denali is feeling much better. Hopefully, he won’t need to visit the vet again for quite a while.

Photo Credit: Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital

Jillian shared, “We are so thankful to say Denali is doing well after surgery. He is home resting with his family and staying away from rocks!”

Get well soon, Denali!

Source: The Dodo