Mama Cat’s Heartbreaking Reaction To Seeing Her Son’s Ashes Is Leaving Viewers In Tears [Video]

  • A pet owner in Australia posted a video of her cat Serene’s reaction when the mama cat united with her son Boofy’s ashes in a box.
  • Serene kept on smelling the box and focused on a small bag that the owner realized contained Boofy’s fur.
  • The owner opened the bag and let Serene smell it and now she noticed that after that at night, Serene would sleep beside the box where Boofy’s ashes and fur were.

Grief is an emotion that a lot of us share, no matter what species.  And a video of a mama cat’s reaction upon being united with her son’s ashes is so akin to humans, it is heartbreaking.  It speaks so painfully to parents who have lost their child— with and without fur.

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The Tiktok video posted by @ashleighedmunds shows the moment her cat, Serene, was reunited with her son, Boofy. 

Owner Ashleigh Edmunds, from Brisbane, Australia, shared that they just received Boofy’s ashes and noticed that Serene kept on going back to a spot in the box.  That is when she realized that it was a little bag containing Boofy’s fur.

Photo Credit: @ashleighedmunds (TikTok)

Ashleigh said she opened the bag for Serene to smell and the mama cat dipped its nose deep into the bag. She laid down beside the box and even put her paw on it. “I felt like she knew he was with us, just in a different form.”

Even when Ashleigh placed the bag inside the box, Serene kept on trying to get it out of the box. She said, this was the moment that Serene realized that Buffy was not coming back.

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Ashleigh added, “She didn’t seem anxious or stressed, just aware that she could smell her baby but he wasn’t with us physically. I like to think that she can still feel him though, that he’s still close to us.”

Even if Serene has gone back to her normal self after seeing the ashes for the first time, Ashleigh notices Serene sleeping beside the ashes at night.

Photo Credit: @ashleighedmunds (TikTok)

Pet cremation is becoming a popular way for animal lovers to remember their beloved pets after their death. In 2013, out of 1.4 million pet deaths, 99 percent were cremated, according to a survey by the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance.

According to Ashleigh, support for Serene has been pouring in since she posted the video.  It has already been viewed nearly 2 million times.

One of which said, “That poor baby knows her baby is right there and she can’t quite find him,” while another person wrote: “They feel the pain of grief just as much as we do.”

Our heart breaks for you, Serene. 

Source: Newsweek

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