Mama dog surprised to give birth to 13 puppies

rescue pup gives birth to large litter 13 puppies

  • Elsa was pregnant when she arrived at an RSPCA shelter.
  • The staff expected a litter of six puppies, but Elsa birthed a total of 13 puppies!
  • Despite the surprise, Elsa embraced her mother role well, with the help of her rescuers.

A very pregnant Elsa recently came into the care of the RSPCA’s Essex South, Southend & District branch. The shelter staff had expected her to birth about six puppies, but she ended up having a much bigger family!

When Elsa finally gave birth in early March, she birthed a total of 13 puppies!

Mama dog gives birth to 13 puppies
Photo Credit: RSPCA

Branch manager Kathy Butler shared, “We knew Elsa was expecting at least six, but we were shocked when 13 arrived.” That was more than double what was expected!

Everyone was surprised by how huge Elsa’s family became.

But Elsa assumed her mother role instantly and made sure to care for her large new family.

Mama dog gives birth to 13 puppies
Photo Credit: RSPCA

“Elsa is a very attentive mum and has done a wonderful job so far,” Kathy shared. “And we’re thrilled that all 13 … are getting bigger and stronger every day.”

Elsa has so many puppies to take care of and nurse — there is just not enough room for all 13 to get their much-needed nutrition from their mom!

Mama dog gives birth to 13 puppies
Photo Credit: RSPCA

Thankfully, Elsa gets some help from her rescuers, who help bottle-feed some of the puppies.

Taking care of all 13 puppies is a huge responsibility, but with everyone’s help, the little ones are doing well and on the right track.

Photo Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA staff have held off of naming them for now, since they hope to give them all Disney-inspired names, just like their mom.

Anyone who helps sponsor a puppy can suggest a Disney name for the puppies if they’d like.

Photo Credit: RSPCA

Thanks to Elsa’s rescuers, she and her puppies are doing just fine. They can’t wait to be fully ready to find their forever homes!

Since caring for a large family like Elsa’s can cost a lot, a fundraiser has been raised so people interested to help can sponsor a puppy — and even suggest names!

Source: The Dodo

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They are so adorable! I’d like to know their breed as well?