Mama sloth reunites with baby who was stranded on a beach [Video]

  • A sloth cub separated from its mother was found stranded and crying on the beach.
  • A rescuer scooped up the baby and had it checked by a vet before reuniting it with its mother.
  • The rescuer played sounds of the baby’s cry to lure the mother down, until they were safely reunited.

A three-fingered sloth was reunited with her baby after it was stranded and crying on a beach.

Photo Credit: SWNS

According to staff from Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica, the cub may have been separated from its mother, but the mother had already started its climb up the tree canopy.

Rescuers who spotted the stranded baby on May 10 scooped it up and took it to the vet for a check-up.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Thankfully, the baby is in good shape,”healthy and didn’t have any injuries.”

The rescuers then recorded its cry and played it back to coax the mother out.

They then waited patiently for the mama sloth to make her descent. As she climbed down, the rescuer lifted the baby up and carefully handed it back to its mama.

The staff wrote, “We are happy to announce that we were able to reunite this mother and baby 3-fingered sloths (Bradypus variegatus).”

“We recorded the cry of the baby and played it near the tree to get the mom’s attention,” they continued. “We waited patiently until the mom came down for the baby.

Photo Credit: SWNS

They explained, “The JRC created this method a few years ago, we use it every time to be able to reunite mom and baby sloths. It melts our hearts every time we can witness the reunion of a mom and her baby.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

It was a happy reunion indeed!

Source: Good News Network

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