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Man Buys Perfect “Retirement Home” for His Aging Dog to Enjoy the Rest of His Life



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  • Lorenzo and his dog Myles, who share a bond of 13 years, moved to a cabin in the woods, named “Camp Myles,” to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for Myles, who suffers from cataracts, arthritis, and heart failure.
  • The decision to move was prompted by the pandemic, which made Lorenzo reassess his values, leading him to follow through on his promise to retire Myles to the woods, away from city life.
  • Myles has responded well to his new life, enjoying the tranquillity, new diet, medication, and fresh air. The move has brought happiness to both Myles and Lorenzo, showing a deep bond of companionship and love.

Lorenzo and his dog, Myles, have been inseparable for 13 years, ever since a chance meeting at a park where a local shelter was showcasing their dogs.

Lorenzo recalls the moment they locked eyes, “his ears went straight up,” he said, and from that moment, he knew Myles had chosen him.

The pair spent their years hiking, swimming, napping, and playing together, forming a bond that only grew stronger with time. However, as Myles grew older, his health started to decline.

He was diagnosed with cataracts, arthritis, and heart failure, and his pace of life slowed considerably. Yet, Myles continued to enjoy life, his spirit undeterred by his ailments.

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Lorenzo, wanting to make Myles’ life as comfortable as possible, made a decision that would change their lives. He had always promised Myles that he would give him land and retire him to the woods.

And when the pandemic hit, it prompted Lorenzo to reassess what he valued most in life, leading him to follow through with his promise sooner than expected.


Lorenzo found and purchased the perfect cabin in the woods, fondly naming it “Camp Myles”. He renovated it to make it the ideal home for Myles, himself, and his two cats, Tofu and Mama.

The whole family has now settled into their new home and are thriving in the tranquillity of cabin life. Myles, in particular, is enjoying the peace and freedom of their new surroundings.

According to Lorenzo, Myles loves lazing on the deck or porch, relaxing amidst nature, and roaming the property.

“So much to smell, no cars, no sirens—it’s perfect for both of us!” Lorenzo said.

Since moving, Myles has responded well to his medication, new diet, and the fresh air of cabin life.

As Lorenzo put it, “We are both so happy.”