Man Celebrating Anniversary With Wife Jumps Into Icy River To Save A Woman Who Wanted To End Her Life

  • Dane Entze and his wife were reminiscing about their first date on a spot in John’s Hole Bridge over Snake River when they noticed a car making its way into the water.
  • Dane ran and then swam into the river’s freezing water to save the driver while his wife called 911.
  • Dane pulled the woman out of the river safely to the river bank where first responders transported her to the hospital. 

Dane Entze and his wife were celebrating their anniversary with a weekend getaway in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  What better way to relive their years together than returning to the place where they first dated — John’s Hole Bridge over Snake River. 

The couple was reminiscing about their first date when his wife saw a car driving down the boat ramp and heading straight to the water!

Dane quickly got out of their car to run to the boat launch while his wife called 911.

Photo Credit: Dane Entze

The Snake River is known for its dangerous undertow and Dane was concerned for the driver as the car was sinking into the river. But instead of swimming to the shore, the driver was swimming away from Dane.

When asked if she was okay, the woman told Dane that she wanted to die.

But Dane would not be discouraged from helping her. He told her, ‘I don’t know who you are, but I’m here, and I love you, and I’m going to help you.’

Photo Credit: Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office

Dane swam almost 120 feet from the shore in freezing water just to reach the woman and pull her back to the bank. Even with no strength to resist Dane, the woman still wanted to be left alone.  But Dane would have none of it and still safely brought her to the river bank.

The woman was then brought to the hospital by first responders for health evaluation and assistance. The submerged car was also pulled out of the water.

The Idaho Falls Fire Department Public Information Officer said, “We would like to express our gratitude to the Good Samaritan who risked their own life to save another. We are incredibly thankful both parties were able to make it out of the freezing water.”

Now, that spot on the river is not just a witness to the couple’s first date but also Dane’s heroism. Thank you!

Source: Good News Network

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