Man goes out of his way to give umbrella to couple caught in downpour [Video]

  • A guy stuck in traffic during a downpour in D.C went out of his way to give an umbrella to a couple on the sidewalk.
  • The act of kindness was filmed and shared on Reddit.
  • Several Reddit users shared their own stories about the act of kindness they encountered during downpours. 

A random act of kindness that occurred in Washington D.C recently prompted a driver to share a video of a Good Samaritan. Thousands were motivated by the April 14th incident, which was shared on Reddit.

One driver got out of his way to give an umbrella to the couple who was soaking wet on the sidewalk, but the woman used her umbrella to shield the wheelchair user rather than herself.

For many watching the video, the happy scene brought back other memories. One viewer described a similar experience she had outside of Washington, DC.


ParanoidAndrea shared:

“Once when I was living in Falls Church (Virginia) I was walking to school in the rain and a sweet lady picked me up and drove me the rest of the way. I was, like, I’m gonna get your car all wet! She didn’t care. Oh and just to add to her level of kindness I was big-time punky-looking, wearing mostly black and huge pants and all, the kind of kid some people love to judge negatively. A really good memory of mine.”

According to FunctionalERP 92, they were walking in a Brooklyn rainstorm when a motorist slowed down, dropped its window, and “chucked” an umbrella at him.

“It was one of the nicest and most New York-ish ways of being helped out.”


The same thing happened to ApotrAde and his wife in DC when they were caught under a tree on the sidewalk with two children in a stroller. A motorist pulled over and tossed his umbrella out the window.

One viewer, Evilgirlattack, shared that because his father worked for New Jersey Transit, he had a lot of umbrellas from the lost and found. When her father picked her up from school while it was pouring, he would slow down the car and hand out umbrellas to the kids who were walking home without one. She used to think it was embarrassing, but now she thinks what his dad used to do was awesome. 

Even though he doesn’t have children of his own, SamSepiol-ER28 0652 keeps a car seat in his trunk because he once stopped to assist a mother and her infant who were stranded in the rain but couldn’t ride with him because he didn’t have a car seat. He eventually had to let them wait in his car with him.

“Now I know that if it happens again I can safely transport a baby or toddler if I ever see someone in a similar situation,” he said.

Source: Good News Network

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