Man In Tears Holds A Sign Thanking Nurses Through A Glass Window For Saving His Wife

  • A photo of a man went viral touching many hearts with his simple gesture of gratitude.
  • In a photo uploaded by a nurse, the man is seen taking a peek through a glass window holding a sign with his hand on his chest and tears in his eyes.
  • The sign says: “Thank you all in emergency for saving my wife’s life. I love you.”

A photo of a man is currently taking a wave of attention on the internet, touching many hearts. The man in the photograph is peering through a glass window holding a sign up that says:

In triage the other day, I heard a knock on the window… this was what I saw- this man knew he couldn’t come in but…

Posted by Allison Swendsen on Wednesday, March 25, 2020


The viral photo was shared on Facebook by a Registered Nurse at Morristown Medical Center named Allison Swendsen on Wednesday. In the picture, the man puts his hand on his chest and he is clearly in tears.

Allison wrote in the caption that she heard the unidentified man knock on the window and wanted to show gratitude though he also knew he couldn’t come in.

“I asked through the window if I could snap a picture and he nodded, he had tears pouring down his face,” Allison said in the post.

She asked the man about his wife and he replied, “great, she is going home today, you are all amazing.”

Photo Credit: Allison Swendsen

“I don’t know him, I don’t know his wife, but throughout the last 13 years as a nurse, I realized, this is why we do it- times are tough but we make a difference,” she continued.

In an effort to minimize the damage brought by the virus, safety precautions are in place. Hospitals restrict entries and exits of just anyone in their premises. Two hospitals in New York City even banned family members from accompanying their pregnant loved ones while giving birth.

According to some information from Johns Hopkins University, there are already more than 83,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in the U.S as of Thursday night, even higher than that in China and Italy.

Source: The Hill

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To all of the hospital personnel who have direct contact with the “victims” of this virus. God Bless and Keep you , May his face shine upon you, and give you Peace.
Having been a Navy Corpsman , and civilian in the medical field , I have seen the short and the long, the unbelievable and the Miracles that can, and do happen in the E.R. ,O.R. and delivery room. The AIDS epidemic , the onslaught of infectious pathogens , and NOW , this “Chinese Virus”.
Stay strong, stay safe , and hug your loved ones.