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Man Learns to Cook from YouTube, Opens Own Restaurant



  • When Tay’s father and brother passed away, he wanted to honor their name through food which their family is passionate about.
  • But the problem was, he did not know how to cook, so he watched Youtube tutorial videos.
  • Soon enough he created his own seasonings and established his own restaurant, Bobby’s BBQ!

Octavius “Tay” Nelson and his family once ran a restaurant and he grew up working in the kitchen alongside his brother and their dad. But his task was always washing the dishes and not really in the main preparation of food.

After some years, his brother and their dad passed away and Tay was left wanting to honor their name through the joy in food! The only problem was, he never learned how to cook.

But he did not give up. He started watching tutorials on Youtube and soon enough he figured out the basics of cooking. He then studied how to run a business — and shortly after, he released his own brand of seasonings!

Photo Credit: @bobbysseasoningandbbq (Instagram)

That was just the start of Tay’s wonderful journey in the world of food, because years later, he opened his own catering service. And so, the Bobby’s BBQ was born.

The name of his business is of course in honor to his loved ones at rest. He has succeeded in bringing smiles to people through his flavorful barbecue classics using his homemade seasonings. 

Photo Credit: @bobbysseasoningandbbq (Instagram)

In 2018, Tay and his wife finally opened a restaurant in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. They have hired 60 people from their community and they have catered to tens of thousands of people flocking to his restaurant to get a taste of his excellent cooking, thanks to Youtube videos!

“I never pictured all this happening,” he said later. “You can dream but to see things fall into place is amazing.”

Photo Credit: @bobbysseasoningandbbq (Instagram)

Now that Tay does not need to watch Youtube tutorial videos anymore, he wants to give back and plans to make videos of her own cooking styles. He’s also thinking of creating a virtual culinary instruction program especially made for people in prison. 

“I would say it’s God,” Tay said. “First, I ran from it, and then it was a hobby, and then it just fell in place. When you’re really doing what you’re supposed to be doing, it makes sense.”

Source: Inspire More