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Man proposes to fiancée after engagement ring is saved from burning house



  • Fire had consumed Sean Matthews and Kellie Stanley’s dream home while they were out.
  • Fortunately, a concerned neighbor notified them and saved their dog.
  • Their fireproof safe which contained the diamond ring Sean bought for Kellie was saved, and he asked her to marry him right then and there.

A house fire is always devastating, but this one that led to a heartfelt marriage proposal might just be an exemption.

Sean Matthews and Kellie Stanley were out for a dinner, when a neighbor saw that their house was blazing.

Through the doorbell camera, the concerned neighbor was able to reach the couple. They told her about their dog, Memphis, and she was able to get him out safely.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube

Sean and Kellie raced home, but when they arrived, the flames had already destroyed their dream house.

“It was utter chaos. There were multiple firetrucks and probably over 100 people in our neighborhood,” Kellie told Inside Edition.

It could have been a complete disaster, but fortunately, Sean was able to recover the fireproof safe holding the diamond engagement ring he just bought for Kellie, along with a family Bible.

And that give him no second thought — it was the perfect time to pop the question.

“We’re going to get through this as a fiancé or more. And it’s just a house. It’s our house, but we’ll have another one,” the groom-to-be said during the proposal.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube

Sean and Kellie were grateful for the neighbor who rose to the occasion. They knew they have to rebuild their lives, but knowing that they have each other makes it lighter.

“It definitely puts your life in perspective, especially at the end of the night when we were driving away from our home with nothing but the clothes on our back and our dog,” Kellie said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the couple have a brand-new start, still hand in hand.


Source: Inside Edition