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Man Rehabilitates Injured Magpie He Found On Side Of Road, Bird Now Refuses To Leave His Side



  • Matt Owens found an injured magpie and took it so he can nurse the bird.
  • After the rehabilitation, the bird was able to fly again, but he decided to stick around for a little bit longer.
  • The magpie, now named Swoop, forms a bond with Matt and his cat, Mowgli.

Matt Owens came across one magpie bird on the side of the road, grounded and injured. He knows that he could not just leave the bird on its own, so he decided to bring it back to his house until it recovers.

Matt named the bird, Swoop. The rehabilitation required patience from both of them. Matt was there for the bird throughout the recovery, helping him walk and until the day he could fly again. This signals that Swoop is ready to go back into the wild, but the bird decided to stick a little bit longer.

He was unsure about his decision to introduce the bird to his cat, Mowgli, because so many cats enjoy chasing birds around. This could complicate their living arrangements then, but he had already made up his mind about keeping the bird. Mowgli had to accept the new addition to their household.

Matt put in effort so that the cat would accept the bird and it worked!

 “They’re sort of best mates, and they just hang out with each other all the time,” Matt said. “Usually they’re just roaming around together; the bird’s lying on his back and cuddling with the cat.”

The good companion could not have come to him at a better time. He just found out that his father has terminal cancer. The rehabilitation program for the bird he picked up was an opportunity to latch himself to something that could make him smile in a difficult situation.  

Matt still prepares for the day that the bird will leave the nest to start his own family. He would not want to cage him, so until that day comes, both would just have to cherish their time together.

“I treat him like a wild bird,” he added. “My job is just to look after him and keep him alive, but he’s chosen to stay.”

Source: Inspire More