Man shares hilarious childhood theory about birds and seeds

bird seeds

  • A man shared how as a child, he believed he could grow birds from bird seeds.
  • After several birds showed up at the spot he planted bird seeds, he thought he had proven his theory.
  • It was only when he saw a bird eating the seeds that he understood what had actually happened.

Children are naturally curious and experimental. They also sometimes believe the craziest things. One man shared a hilarious childhood story about what he believed about birds and seeds.

Following the logic of planting apple seeds to grow apples and planting orange seeds for oranges, he believed that bird seeds could grow birds.

bird seeds
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Well, apparently that logic isn’t true for all seeds.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Grimm shared a hilarious story about what he called one of “the dumbest beliefs” he had as a child.

He said that when he was about 4 or 5 years old, he believed that birds grew from bird seeds, and even tried to prove it to his parents.

He planted a bunch of bird seeds, and the next day, a flock of birds appeared on the spot he planted the seeds.

As a child, Grimm believed he had proven his theory.

He had done it — he grew birds from bird seeds!

bird seeds
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Grimm recalled that he was “extremely smug” for having proven it, despite his parents trying to tell him he was wrong.

He thought he was unstoppable — he could grow birds himself!

The little kid was convinced he was right.

It was only after a few weeks that another observation cast doubt on his belief.

“I think I left the bag [of bird seed] outside and saw a bird just sitting in the seeds, eating them, and figured it out,” he shared.

bird seeds
Photo Credit: Katrina Bennett/Pexels

“Also my first-grade teacher told me I was wrong, and, unlike my parents, I never caught her lying to me,” he added.

The “bird seed” theory may be short-lived, but Grimm never forgot about it.

And his parents may also have never gotten over the fact that they weren’t able to refute it.

Photo Credit: Evan McDougall/Unsplash

Grimm shared, “My family hasn’t spoken of it in at least 20 years. At least not with me.”

Source: The Dodo

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