Man Stopped Working To Join Search Party For Missing 5-Year-Old Girl… And Found Her [Video]

  • A man installing solar panels in Massachusetts dropped what he was doing when he heard that a 5-year-old girl with autism had gone missing.
  • The non-speaking girl is feared to have wandered into the marshy river.
  • Jake Manna joined the search party, and ended up finding her.

When a man installing solar panels in Plymouth, Massachusetts heard that a little girl was missing, he immediately dropped what he was doing and joined the search party.

Jake Manna learned that the 5-year-old missing girl has autism and is nonspeaking. The community feared she might have wandered into the marshy river near the Buttermilk Bay neighborhood.

Jake stopped working and look for the girl. He headed down a rural trail by himself, keeping alert for any signs of the child. The trail ended at a stream where he found a child-sized t-shirt and a diaper floating in the water. Jake’s heart stopped and started running to the water. He was frantically calling out to everyone as he waded into waist-deep water.

Then, he saw the girl. Her back to him as she continued walking toward deeper water. Jake, who was a former lifeguard, bolted towards her and picked her up. He put the girl over his shoulder and carried her back down the trail to safety.

Photo Credit: WCVB Channel 5 Boston (YouTube)

The girl’s mother immediately grabbed her and fell to her knees in relief. She couldn’t thank Jake enough!

Chief Dana Flynn and Capt. James LeBretton of the Plymouth Police Department presented Jake with a certificate and Command Coin for his heroism. They now call him “the nicest, most unassuming young man that one could meet.”

Photo Credit: Plymouth Police Department (Facebook)

Jake isn’t even from Plymouth. He is not familiar with the area at all. It was a miracle he chose the right trail that lead him straight to the missing child.

“If he didn’t pick that path and see the missing clothing, we hate to think about what the outcome would have been,” the police department shared on Facebook.

Officer Roth agreed, adding, “That girl had a guardian angel yesterday… and his name was Jake.”Jake insists he’s not a hero and says, “anyone would do the same,” but we know a hero when we see one. Thank you, Jake, for saving this little girl’s life!

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WHAT A GREAT STORY!! I love seeing this kind of reporting. I know that this kind of heroism lives with us every day, Congratulations to this wonderful young man!!

That little girl is very lucky to be alive her mother will always be greatfull