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Man Surprised His Girlfriend With His Proposal After Their Online Quarantine Concert [Video]



  • Since 2016, Lillian Yee and Ron Songco, have been singing together being members of the same band.
  • During this time when people are in quarantine, the two decided to throw a mini-concert on their front porch and stream it live on Facebook for the whole neighborhood to watch.
  • Little did they know, including Lilian, that it was also the day Ron would propose to her!

Even in the midst of quarantine, music has been Lillian Yee and Ron Songco’s refuge. The two are members of the same band and have been playing together since 2016.

Their neighborhood knows how musically talented they are, so when they announced that they are going to have a mini-concert on their front porch and stream it live on Facebook, people were thrilled. But the viewers didn’t know it would be way more than just singing and having fun—nor did Lilian.

The two went on to prepare for their “Quarantine Concert” and Lilian encouraged everyone to tune in.

When the special day came, the adorable couple sang their hearts out while the rest of the community watched how lovely they were. After their last piece, Lilian was about to turn off the live stream when Ron suddenly interrupted her.

Photo Credit: Lillian Yee

The nervous guy, in a shaky voice, professed his love to his girl. At first, she looked confused until Ron went down on his knees and left Lilian in shock.

With their neighbors watching, Lilian said yes, and everybody couldn’t help but cheer them on!

Photo Credit: Lillian Yee

That meant the world to Lilian! “While everything can seem very dark, I think I was just glad that Ron brought some light into all of that for me,” she said.

Photo Credit: Lillian Yee

That was just so amazing! Congratulations you guys and for sure, once everything is much better, you’d bring more happiness to this world with your music of love!

Source: Inspire More