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Man Transformed His Yard Into A Mini Amusement Park Made Of Snow To Keep His Dogs Excited And Active [Video]



  • It is hard for dogs to keep active, healthy and fit during winter days when they would prefer to just sleep.
  • So Brian Keith Einarson came up with the idea to transform his yard into a mini amusement park with snow tunnels.
  • This way, his dogs are excited to play and stay active.

Even for dogs, it’s hard to stay active during winter.

Brian Keith Einarson from Winnipeg, Canada is very much aware of this. It was always a struggle for him to keep his senior dogs active and fit. They’d rather sleep inside the house.

That’s why he thought of a way to keep them out and running. He transformed his yard into an amusing mini-winter park with snow tunnels.

Initially, the snow tunnels started as a way to make it easier for him to clean his pets’ mess.

“I’m a truck driver and I would get home at night when it’s dark out, and it’s hard to find the poop. So I just made paths so I could find it,” Brian told The Dodo. “Otherwise, it’s springtime, you would have a pretty big mess out there, and it’s not very appealing.”

Photo Credit: Brian Keith Einarson

Later on, he decided to make use of the snow tunnels so his dogs can have fun.

He sought help from the kids in the neighborhood to work on his yard and the project was completed within a month.

With the right materials, the winter wonderland is actually easy to make.

He said: “You make a pile of snow and you let that sit for a week or two. Then you can start digging holes in the piles and what you dig out you put on top. Each hole took about ten minutes to make, so with three of them it took 20 hours to do it after school.”

But more than just the fun appearance of the playground, what makes his pups more excited to play are the treats hidden everywhere in the tunnels. This way, they keep themselves active and healthy.


“They watch from the window as I put treats all over the place,” Brian said. “As soon as they see me come and open the door it’s a mad dash for each dog to get as many treats as they can. They run by and grab them and keep running.”

Once they begin to get cold, Brian is just waiting by the door to let them go back in and get warm.

Source: The Dodo