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Man Who Bid Farewell To Dying Father Over Video Donates iPads To Health Care Facilities [Video]



  • John Lynch from New Jersey said goodbye to his dying father through FaceTime and he realized how important this technology is to keep families and friends connected.
  • He wants to give the same opportunity to others so they could stay connected with their loved ones in times of need.
  • So he decided to make a project donating iPads to different facilities.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a grieving man realized how important it is for people to stay connected with their families especially those with illnesses and had to be isolated.

John Lynch from New Jersey knows exactly how it feels like when he was separated from his dying father and cannot be on his side while he was being cared for in a facility because of the implemented social distancing to battle the COVID-19. On April 13, John was left with no choice but to bid his heartbreaking farewell to his 92-year-old dad through a FaceTime video call, as he described it on his GoFundMe page. 

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other senior community centers are greatly affected by the restrictions of social distancing, which has made it difficult for people to visit their ailing family members and be with them when the circumstance requires.

John’s experience of saying his sad goodbye to his father over FaceTime made him firmly decide to embark on a mission to help other people learn the importance of the technology by providing facilities with the gadgets through his project, Operation Connection: The iPad Project.

Photo Credit: John Lynch

“In an effort to protect our front-line medical staff and their patients, many medical centers are quarantining their building,” John explained on his GoFundMe page. “While this is a necessary step to stop the spread of the virus, the reality of it all is pretty simple, people are suffering and dying alone.”

He wishes to give other families the same opportunity to FaceTime their loved ones as well. Although his father died of old age and his passing was somewhat expected, his heart breaks for those who lost their families suddenly because of the virus.

John made his first donation to the Cape Regional Medical Center in New Jersey after learning nurses use their own gadgets to keep their patients in quarantine stay connected with their loved ones.

The Lunch with Lynch Foundation which is managed by John has since provided dozens of iPads to different health care facilities in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Pennsylvania.

“Providing our hospitals and senior care centers with iPads gives families an opportunity to speak with one another,” he said.

Source: PEOPLE