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Man With Down Syndrome And His Film Producer Friends Created The Most Inspiring Video Of His Dreams [Video]



  • Reid Cornish is a 34-year-old man with Down syndrome born with a natural talent to skate and entertain people.
  • Every day, he puts on a show in a parking lot and lets loose gliding and spinning delighting the passersby.
  • After making some friends with film producers, he has now a wider reach to make more people happy.

A man with Down syndrome is hailed as the “Rollerblade King” and has become a local celebrity for residents of Salt Lake City, Utah, who are always delighted to see him in their everyday commute.

Reid Cornish is a naturally talented skater and entertainer. He is most happy when he dances to “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack while gliding in his Rollerblades. So every morning, he puts on a show in a parking lot delighting people passing by.

Elaine, Reid’s late mother, told the Deseret News in 2018, that the 34-year-old’s mission is to give happiness to people. Now, with the help of his new friends who are film producers, he has limitless opportunities to spread the good vibes and a wider reach to make more people happy.

Photo Credit: Lisa Cornish

“Some professional film producers befriended my brother Reid this year and have been a big boost to him, especially after our mother’s passing in June,” Lisa said in a post. “They learned that his dream is to perform in front of others, so for Christmas they made this video montage of his rollerblading shows in Salt Lake.”

In a video posted online, Reid lets loose gliding and spinning with a smile on his face the whole time. It is impossible for someone to not smile while watching him doing his dream performance.

It is clear that Reid has mastered the skill of roller skating as he makes every complex move look easy. That has been the result of his hard work since the day he started skating at 6 years old.

Photo Credit: Lisa Cornish

For Reid, the best part about skating is he gets to be himself and enjoy it while making people happy; “Just being who I am and just having fun with it.”

It is a such a pure joy to watch him skate to his heart’s desire!

Source: Inspire More