Man’s Pet Turtle Since He Was 8 Years Old Is Flower Girl At His Wedding [Video]

  • Paul McDonald brought his faithful companion Colors the turtle to his wedding.
  • Colors was a flower girl and walked down the aisle to meet his dad at the bottom to applause and laughter.
  • Colors’ new mom, Shannon, loves her and knows her important role in her now husband’s life.

A man brought another ‘girl’ to his wedding and made her part of the entourage.

Hold your reactions!  It is not what it seems!


My dad rescued me 🐢 2️⃣4️⃣ years ago and now I’m his FLOWER-GIRL in his wedding 💐🔔💗. #dad #wed #wedding #turtle #turtles #coolparents #chicago #chicagowedding #weddingplanner #luxedognanny #bride #groom #citylife #love #specialstory #cute

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Paul McDonald has known the girl turtle, Colors, since he was 8 years old.  He and his friend found her on the grounds of a parking lot after watching a movie. Paul picked her up to keep her from getting trampled or ran over by a car as she was just a tiny pebble.

Photo Credit: Paul McDonald

His friend wanted her but could not keep her as he just got a gerbil. So, Paul convinced his parents to let him have the tiny turtle.  Thus began a 24-year relationship between Paul and Colors.

He said, “She’s always been around to cheer me up during the hard times, and she’s truly helped enrich my life with love, companionship, and the wonderful responsibility of caring for a loved one … I smile every time I see her and feel so lucky that we’ve been a part of each other’s lives for so long.”

Photo Credit: Paul McDonald

So it was no surprise that when he met his now wife Shannon, he told her about Colors and her role in his life.  Fortunately, Shannon loved Colors from the start.  She also has a rescue dog named Kylie, who she feels strongly about.

When it was time to plan their wedding, both companions were important parts of the ceremony as flower girls. 

Photo Credit: Paul McDonald

But as Paul and Shannon will be very busy that day, they asked the help of Julianne DeChaump of Luxe Dog Nanny to watch over the girls.

DeChaump was so proud to say, “We’re the first company to chaperone a turtle. What a fun thing to know now! We love all animals, so it’s been very exciting to care for Colors on one of the biggest days of her parents’ lives.”

Those who knew Paul were not surprised that the beloved turtle would be a part of the ceremony.

Photo Credit: Paul McDonald

Colors was relaxed and happy as she entered the big venue carried by DeChaump and then allowed to walk on her own to meet her dad at the bottom of the aisle to applause from guests. It was a precious moment for the two lifelong companions.

Colors and Kylie were not at the reception but they were present in the place cards and the cocktails named after them.

Photo Credit: Paul McDonald

Colors may be the first turtle to be a flower girl and her dad and new mom are proud of her having that title. She certainly deserves it for without her, the wedding would not have been as precious as it was. After all, she is her Dad’s faithful companion.

Source: The Dodo

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