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Meet Pistachio, the green-furred puppy



  • Pistachio was born earlier this month with surprisingly green-colored fur.
  • It’s believed that he came into contact with a green pigment while in his mother’s womb.
  • His fur won’t maintain the bright green color for long, however, and will eventually fade into the same hue as his siblings’ white fur.

A uniquely colored pup was born earlier this month on a farm on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci, who runs the farm with his brother-in-law Giannangelo Liperi, was surprised upon seeing the pup that was birthed by one of his eight dogs, Spelacchia (Italian for “mangy”).

Spelacchia gave birth to five pups on October 9. But one of the pups immediately stood out.

Photo Credit: Cristian Mallocci / Reuters

While his siblings all had their mom’s white fur, the tiny pup’s fur was green! He was immediately named Pistachio for it.

Having green-colored fur is certainly rare for a dog. It’s believed to be caused by a green pigment called biliverdin, which could come into contact with pale-colored puppies while in their mother’s womb. This pigment also causes the green color in bruises.

Photo Credit: Cristian Mallocci / Reuters

The bright green color doesn’t last long, however. Pistachio’s fur has already significantly faded since his birth. Eventually, his fur will become the same hue as his mom’s and the rest of his siblings.

Photo Credit: Cristian Mallocci / Reuters

Pistachio’s siblings will be put up for adoption, but Cristian has decided to keep the unique pup.

Pistachio will then be trained to look after the sheep, just as his mother does.

Photo Credit: Cristian Mallocci / Reuters

Cristian shares that Pistachio’s green fur is seen as a good omen. Green has been believed to be a symbol of luck and hope, which is certainly reassuring during these times.

Perhaps Pistachio was meant to remind us that not all hope is lost. There are still plenty of things to make us smile — just take a look at the cute pup and his adorable siblings!

Source: TODAY