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Meet The Cat With The Famous Brows And People Are Obsessed With Them!



  • Cornelius Cornbread is a 4-year-old Bombay cat that couple Karen and Tommy got when they lost their beloved cat Inky.
  • What’s unique about Cornbread is his balding patches above his eyes that look like human brows.
  • Because of that, Cornbread has gained quite a fanbase on Instagram with more than 8,000 followers.

While many animals have beautiful and unique markings, there are just those who are a little extra. 

Just like Cornelius Cornbread, a 4-year-old Bombay cat. At first look, it may seem that Cornbread is like any other regular cats. But if you look closely, you will see that she has a peculiar marking on her face that looks oddly familiar for a person.

Photo Credit: @corneliuscornbreadchronicles (Instagram)

Correct! Cornbread has eyebrows! — oh wait that’s not exactly it. His pair of eyebrow-looking markings are actually balding patches. This gives him an inquisitive look like he is always wondering all the time which is kind of hilarious.

Karen Mellette, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, adopted Cornbread when he was just a tiny kitten. Even then, he has always had those unique brows but it was only recently that it got him a lot of attention.

Photo Credit: @corneliuscornbreadchronicles (Instagram)

Cornbread has more than 8,000 followers on Instagram at the moment and still counting.

When Cornbread came into her life, Karen just lost her cat Inky and she was feeling down. Her husband Tommy found some kitten litters and saw that two of the three bombay kittens he found resembled their beloved Inky and decided to keep them.

Photo Credit: @corneliuscornbreadchronicles (Instagram)

“They were all named country dinner names: Cornbread, Beans, and Coleslaw,” Karen explained. “We came for Beans because he looked so sweet and seemed to be just what we needed to heal our hearts, but when we got there, Beans hid under a piece of furniture! Meanwhile, Cornbread pranced right up to me, proceeded to show off, and he let me hold him — that sealed the deal, and he has been my little buddy ever since.”

Karen usually dresses the easygoing feline with bow ties. He became very attached to her and you could say that they both helped each other heal. 

Cornbread even started to have separation anxiety whenever Karen leaves home so they decided to adopt three more kittens to keep him company. 

Photo Credit: @corneliuscornbreadchronicles (Instagram)

“Bea was older and not interested in playing with Cornbread, but now he has three younger sisters,” Karen said. “He is so happy and absolutely loves them. They play constantly. Now, he is much less anxious when we leave because he has them!”

Cornbread is sweet and loves affection from people. He is not afraid of strangers and is very chatty who “meows to himself a lot while wandering around.” Well we are all guilty of talking to ourselves sometimes, don’t we?


Source: Inspire More