Microchip led to a speedy reunion of owner and dog who went window shopping [Video]

  • Bentley, a Saint Bernard breed, went for a walk and ended up at a Dollar General Store, window shopping.
  • Employees contacted the police when he was still in the store at closing time without an owner.
  • Police scanned him for a microchip and immediately called his owner who came to bring him home.

After a dog burglarized a Dollar General Store in its North Carolina location last March, another dog-based playful situation occurred.  This time, it was a simple case of just window shopping.

The dog, of a Saint Bernard breed, was browsing through the store and employees could not find it in their hearts to put him back onto the street at closing time.聽 Despite his size, he showed no aggressiveness and was just patiently roaming the aisles. With no owner in sight, employees called the Bradenton Police to report the 135-pound dog.

While waiting for a leash that would fit him, the officers followed him as he toured the store. After scanning his microchip, he was immediately identified as Bentley and his owner was contacted.聽 Bentley’s owner narrated that the gentle giant broke through a gate and went for a walk around the neighborhood and ended up at the Dollar General.

The owner then came shortly to bring him home.

Photo Credit: Scioto County Daily News

The reunion between Bentley and his owner was fast, thanks to his microchip. It only took 11 minutes to identify him (this excludes Bently鈥檚 shopping time).

Microchips do not come loose or get lost like a collar.  There have been cases of pets being identified after months or years of being reported missing as long as the information on the chip is updated.

The police recommend having your fur babies fitted with a microchip because it can save you from a lot of heartaches.

As for Bentley, what could he possibly find as a gift for his parents during his window-shopping trip?

Source: Daily Paws

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Does that goofy bastard in the WH have a chip? He’s lost most of the time.

Excellent! And his mongrel bitch puppy isn’t microchipped. Where the heck did she wander in from? Oh, yeah. California. Figures.

GOD love all our dogs………..They are our gift of love……..Canines alway know how to give love to those parents that truly love them & treat them like family………….