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Millie The Husky Refuses To Get Out Of Baby’s Bed So She Could Cradle Him, Not Wanting To Leave The Baby Unattended



  • This Husky has got the most adorable way of showing how she loves her family.
  • The dog has always been a big fan of the two children in their household and a video posted online shows that she takes her responsibilities over the children quite seriously.
  • The dog refuses to leave the bed when their dad puts down the youngest child for his nap. This was to cradle the child until he falls asleep.

Dogs are more than just pets. They take part in responsibilities inside the household, some even take their jobs a little too seriously.

Take this Husky, for one. The family in Manchester, England added two children into the household. This and the four dogs that belong to the household made their family bigger, meaning, there are plenty of responsibilities to go around. Millie is a big fan of the two children and the video posted online shows that she takes her responsibilities over the children quite seriously.

Aaron Wallman takes pictures and videos for posting. The YouTube channel he runs has over 1.7 million fans following every move his dogs make. He posted a video recently where his dog cradles his youngest son, both sound asleep on the bed. This display of affection was common, says Aaron. Millie protects his son and is always very maternal towards Parker.

“Parker always cuddles Millie before he goes to sleep it’s like a daily need for him haha!” Aaron wrote. “He’s been this way for 2 years now. He loves his huskies so much. I think Millie our husky believes she is his mother. Her maternal instincts are so beautiful from her having puppies a few

The video posted shows the part where Parker was hauled over to the bedroom for his nap, only to find the dog getting on the bed too. Millie refuses to move over. You could just look at the stubborn look on her face when Aaron asks her to leave.

The situation has become apparent later on. Millie refused to leave Parker unattended. The dog intended to stay on her side of the bed until the time the child falls asleep, which is when Aaron decided to capture the moment in a picture.

Their cuteness together is unbeatable. Millie and Parker already have the best of relationships, what more can happen over the years?

Source: Inspire More