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Mischievous Golden Retriever Conquers Pool Fence Leading To Shenanigans



Quick Smiles:

  • A golden retriever named Tucker found fame on TikTok after his ingenious escape to the pool.
  • The mischievous canine didn’t let a flimsy pool barrier get in his way, proving that quick fixes can sometimes backfire.
  • Tucker’s swimming escapades left millions in a fit of laughter, with the video collecting over 2.5 million views and 104,700 likes.

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The warm, inviting glow of summer lures both humans and our four-legged companions to indulge in the season’s offerings. Dogs, in particular, often find themselves caught up in their enthusiasm for summer activities, leading to entertaining shenanigans.

Case in point, a golden retriever named Tucker, whose love for swimming sparked a humorous incident. His owner had erected a makeshift fence in an attempt to keep Tucker out of the pool. However, a video posted on TikTok by @tuckerbeansmama showed things didn’t go quite as planned.

Keen to dip into the pool, Tucker immediately darted to the far end of the fence, where it connected to the garden shed. The saggy middle part appeared to be the weakest link, and Tucker, after a sniff around, found his way under it, wriggling his way to freedom on the other side. An exuberant sprint later, Tucker splashed into the pool, leaving his owner shouting in surprise, “Excuse me!”

Despite being reprimanded with, “What are you doing? That’s not a good boy,” Tucker’s joyous swimming continued, leading to the video’s caption, “He’s at it again!”


The hilarious video quickly went viral on TikTok, racking up over 2.5 million views and 104,700 likes. TikTok users were enamored with Tucker’s antics, with one commenting, “The ‘excuse me’ motivated him even more to go through with his plan.” Another pointed out the dog’s rocket-like speed post the ‘excuse me’, while a third said, “He was fully committed to the crime.” A final comment read, “Tucker says I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission.”

While golden retrievers like Tucker might naturally gravitate towards water, it’s crucial for pet owners to ensure their pool-time is safe and enjoyable. Gradually acclimating dogs to swimming is recommended. Start by carrying them into the pool, helping them adjust to the water motion, and praising their efforts.

Continued teaching should involve guiding your dog deeper into the pool while pointing out the pool stairs for a reliable exit, ensuring they understand how to access it from different points in the pool. Safety should never be neglected, consider a doggy ramp or a life vest for added support. Even if your pet is an experienced swimmer, adult supervision should always be maintained.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dennis Ardell

    June 9, 2024 at 4:06 pm

    Love Tucker; love retrievers
    Yes, always be sure to have adults around when dogs, and, kiddies go for a swim.

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