Missing Border Collie from car crash found herding sheep on a farm [Video]

  • Tilly, a two-year-old Border Collie mix, and his family met a car accident last Sunday.
  • Tilly was yeeted from the car and was found later on herding sheep on a field.
  • His family posted about the missing pooch on social media, and was soon reunited with their loving Tilly.

A Border Collie, tossed out from a vehicle during a car accident, has found himself responding to his nature: to herd sheep on a nearby farm.

The car crash in Rathdrum, Idaho, last Sunday, led Tilly, a two-year-old Border Collie mix, to a field. According to local news affiliate KHQ, Tilly was last seen running northwest from the crash.

The Oswalds, Tilly’s family, was worried about their pooch, afraid that they would never see him again. Still not losing hope, they spread flyers around town and posted about their missing pet on social media.

Photo Credit: KHQ Local

A grandmother from southern California, who has a sheep farmer grandson named Travis Potter, saw the Facebook post and tagged Travis. Travis didn’t hesitate to help, asked his nearby family around about the dog, and soon found out that his brother Zane has spotted Tilly on their farm.

And Tilly? He was busy hanging out in the sheep pen.

Photo Credit: KHQ Local

Zane said that all the sheep were scared of Tilly, so they lured the dog out of the pen with salami — which he deserved, by the way, for being a sheep herder himself.

Travis wasted no time and connected with the Oswalds, who were so pleasantly surprised with the news! Their hopes were, indeed, not in vain.

“You just don’t realize how many people are out there and how many people are looking at it, and he wouldn’t have him [back] if it wasn’t for social media,” said Mike Oswald.

Twitter users found the story wonderful, impressed by Tilly’s work ethic.

Photo Credit: Twitter

As for the pooch, he lost some weight but is healthy overall.

Source: Tank’s Good News

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