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Missing Cat Rings Doorbell To Let Her Family Know She Is Home [Video]



  • A family’s beloved cat, Lily, goes missing two weeks after they moved to a new neighborhood.
  • The family was worried that she would not be able to find her way back home as the neighborhood is unfamiliar to her.
  • But after four days, Lily rings the doorbell to their new home and surprises the family with her return.

Lily the cat and her family have recently moved to a new neighborhood in Mastic Beach, Long Island, New York. 

Lily’s owner, Stefanie Whitley said that Lily loved going outside and exploring.  With the new environment, she was worried that Lily might need time to adjust before they allowed her to go out unattended.

But after two weeks, the beloved feline went missing.

Back in their old neighborhood, the family is used to Lily going missing but she always found her way home.  But this time, Whitley had a bad feeling that Lily might not make it home.  The new neighborhood was still unfamiliar for the cat.

After four days of frantic searching and hoping that Lily would find her way back, the family was sitting at their home when the doorbell rang.

It was already late.  They knew of no one who would come to their door at that hour.  But when the doorbell’s camera showed who was at the door, they were in for a beautiful surprise!

Photo Credit: the blowup (Unsplash)

Batting the doorbell was their beloved missing cat, Lily!

Whitley said, “We all gasped. We were laughing. We were emotional. We were crying. It was a great moment.” 

Good thing that Lily knows how to use the doorbell.  The family thinks that she learned how to use it from observing. “Every time the notification goes off, she’ll look toward the door. She knows what she’s doing,” Whitley explained.

Welcome back, Lily!


Source: Daily Paws