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Missy Elliott Pays for Bride’s Dream Wedding Dress



  • Missy Elliott has been known for her acts of kindness.
  • Her recent generosity involves helping a struggling bride-to-be pay for her dream wedding dress!
  • The kind star, who has generously helped several others, simply wants to pay it forward and give back for her blessings.

Missy Elliott may have laid low for the past few years, but she still makes sure to connect to people and help out the community.

Fans were reminded of the legendary hip-hop artist’s generosity when she helped one bride-to-be snatch her dream wedding dress.

Roderick Purdie and Ireanna Bradshaw were struggling with the costs of planning their wedding in March and eventually moving into their own home.

Ireanna was heartbroken when she found that her dream wedding dress at David’s Bridal cost $1,300. So she thought it was worth a shot to ask for any support on Twitter and posted her CashApp username.

It wasn’t too long before her post got Missy Elliott’s attention!


The kind artist then shared the good news: Ireanna’s dream wedding dress has been paid for!

Many fans and netizens are already familiar with the star’s acts of kindness.

When one Twitter user saw how Missy Elliott helped out the struggling bride-to-be, he wanted to let everyone know how the star also helped him.

She even takes the time to listen to a fellow musician’s song and offer her advice!

When news outlets touted her generous actions, she simply acknowledged her blessings and the importance of giving back:

Missy Elliott certainly serves as an inspiration to pay it forward.


Source: Tank’s Good News