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Molly the Cat’s Dinner Antics Have Everyone in Stitches! (WATCH)



Quick Smiles:

  • Molly the cat, full of sass, protested her lack of a dinner plate next to her human sibling.
  • Her vocal objections and watchful gaze for a bite at family dinner have TikTok users chuckling.
  • Despite her determination, Molly’s sensitive tummy means she sticks to cat treats, not chicken.

At the dinner table, there’s one family member who’s not shy about demanding equal treatment—Molly the cat.

A recent TikTok video captured this feisty feline’s uproar at being overlooked when the plates were being dished out. This kitty made it clear that she expected her own place setting!

See it for yourself below:

The video, posted by @madame_jossel, shows Molly right in the thick of family dinner time, indignantly waiting for someone to rectify the “unreal” oversight.

“Oh my goodness, Molly is one vocal cat!” the post captioned, as viewers watched her adamantly argue for her share.


The cat’s human brother became the focus of her persistent pleas, though he held fast—Molly has a sensitive stomach, after all, and human food is a no-go.

As revealed by her cat mom, this isn’t Molly’s first dinner rodeo; she’s always zeroing in on her brother’s plate with her most persuasive meows.

The cat’s relentless tactics have left TikTok viewers in stitches.

One, @tinkkisses, quipped about the boy’s plight: “Poor baby got PTSD. The cat is bullying him!”

While another, @sgreene7, admired the family dynamic: “Awww. It’s so nice when a family is in tune with their pet’s requests.”

It seems Molly’s charm offensive is a regular dinner entertainment for her family, even if the chicken remains tantalizingly off-limits.


Her comedic efforts to join in the dinner fun certainly prove that this cat knows how to keep her humans—and the internet—wrapped around her little paw.