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Mom Goes Viral After Recreating a Portrait of Her That Her Daughter Made: ‘Which One is the Painting?’



  • A mom went viral on Reddit after making herself look like her young daughter’s drawing of her.
  • Denise Esktrand was surprised by all the attention she got over the portrait that she spent years staring on her wall.
  • The picture was posted on the r/funny subreddit on Feb. 24 and has since received nearly 120,000 upvotes.

Denise Esktrand framed a portrait of herself her daughter drew by hand about 12 years ago. The portrait has been hanged inside her house since, she tells Insider.

In it, Esktrand shows features the way a child would depict them in a drawing of her own: with huge lips, striking eyeshadow and plenty of eccentric makeup.

Photo Credit: Denise Esktrand via In The Know

A decade since, Esktrand to share her outrageous attempt to make herself look exactly like the portrait her child drew of her. The picture was posted on the r/funny subreddit on Feb. 24 and has since received nearly 120,000 upvotes.

Esktrand wrote on the caption, “My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO,” sharing a side-by-side picture of herself and the drawing.

The picture mirrored her dedication to look just like the picture her daughter drew of her. She went on lathered up an outrageous amount of lipstick in her mouth, frizzled her hair. She even put fake eyelashes just to look like the picture.

Her daughter who drew her portrait is now a 19-year-old college student and she was happy for the reaction she got from the now-viral photo, but Esktrand told Insider that she was a little jealous. Positive, but a little jealous.

“She did her usual eye roll, but thought it was hysterical,” Esktrand said. “Many posters were concerned about her emotional wellbeing, that I was mocking her drawing. The only thing she was annoyed with is, ‘I post selfies all the time and they never go viral.’”

Reddit users agreed with how the daughter pictured her mother back then. The post has received numerous praises for the “brilliant” idea of creating a picture the way Esktrand did.

 “This made me laugh quite a bit. I love you,” one user wrote.

“Kid nailed it,” another added.


Among the more supportive, playfully suggesting that the resemblance was totally uncanny:

“Woah woah woah there…which one is the painting? The photo realism is uncanny!” one user joked.

“Another unrealistic beauty expectation. Not all of us are born with single lashes and perfectly triangled eyebags,” another wrote.

Esktrand told Insider that she was flattered with all that everyone has given her over her post. She then added that she had been staring at the portrait on her wall for years — she used it as a kind of daily reminder.

 “I’ve adored this picture as it hung over my makeup vanity for 12 years,” she said. “Not only do I love it because my daughter did it, [but] it reminds me to put on lipstick, in an aggressive way.”

The post Mom uses makeup to remake daughter’s hand-drawn portrait was first reported on In The Know.

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle