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Mom Never Gives Up On Obese Dog ‘Til He Loses 100 Pounds



  • Kai was given up by his previous owners because he was overweight at 173 pounds and couldn’t move.
  • That’s when he met his foster mom, Pam, who helped him lose all his excess weight so he could live a better life.
  • He now weighs 68 pounds and the best part, Pam officially adopted him!

Dogs are absolutely adorable especially when they ask for treats. But owners have to be careful how much food they give their beloved pets because they may end up getting overweight — like Kai, a really cute golden retriever who gained so much weight at 173 pounds!

A healthy golden retriever should weigh from 65 to 75 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club. But Kai was more than double of that preferred standard weight. No wonder, it’s been hard for the adorable pup to move around. That was the reason his previous owners gave him up to a veterinarian to be put down. Thankfully, the vet never heeded their request and instead, helped find the pup new parents!

Photo Credit: @youcandothiskai (Facebook)

With proper care, Kai should be able to transform and become his best self so he could live a better life again. So the Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue sought help from Pam Heggie who took Kai in and committed to help him get fit.

She started with a strict diet for Kai plus exercise. Since Kai had difficulty moving, they had him walk in a water tank. This way, the water supports his body weight resulting in a lesser pressure in his legs enabling him to move.

Photo Credit: @youcandothiskai (Facebook)

Fortunately, Kai was very cooperative and not long after, he had lost more than 100 pounds! Now that he has shed his excess weight, he is able to run and play! He even goes swimming and takes long walks like any other dog!

The best part, Pam officially made him part of the family!

Photo Credit: @youcandothiskai (Facebook)

Kai’s recent weight is 68 pounds and has become a therapy dog! He trained for months and now visits hospitals to cheer up the patients and the health workers alike!

“Kai loves being a therapy dog and he loves going to the dog park,” Pam said. “He is the best travel partner. He loves the car and has flown in a plane and been on a ferry. He loves to travel and we like to go to the national parks and Vancouver to visit family. He is amazing.”

Photo Credit: @youcandothiskai (Facebook)

Pam’s persistence and Kai’s determination is absolutely inspiring!

Source: Inspire More