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Mom Sets Some Rules For Her Two Lovely Golden Retrievers While She’s Doing Work From Home



  • Rochelle Andonian is also one of those who has shifted to working from home due to the current pandemic situation.
  • But her two adorable dogs were initially unaware of the new work routine so they were just normally themselves, fun and playful.
  • Their barking has become a bit too much so their mom had sto set some rules!

Like the majority of people during this unique time, Rochelle Andonian has been working full time in the home now.

Apparently, Salty and Bling, Rochelle’s two adorable golden retrievers, were not made aware ahead of time.

Photo Credit: Rochelle Andonian

So while Rochelle has been trying to keep her professional work going smoothly as normal, doing conferences, dealing with clients, and talking to her co-workers, Salty and Bling were just acting their usual selves, fun and playful.

“Now that I’m at home, they are constantly coming into my office and putting tennis balls on my lap or laying their head on my chair to be petted,” Rochelle told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Rochelle Andonian

They must’ve thought that since mom is at home frequently now, they can somehow spend more time playing around togethers, and they are such very cute distractions it proved hard for Rochelle to focus, although she still managed to finish her tasks.

One thing that’s becoming hard to deal with was the dogs’ barking. Whenever they spot the mailman who delivers Rochelle’s work materials, Salty and Bling would naturally bark to alert their mom—and that inopportune times didn’t escape her colleagues’ attention.

Photo Credit: Rochelle Andonian

“Every time I’m on a call with my team, they take bets how soon my dogs would start barking at something,” Rochelle said.

So she decided to finally act on it and laid down some rules for the two cute pups. She even made a visual aid to help her explain to them while they were just sitting and listening patiently—and she’s glad she did that.

“On Monday, before we started our first call, I sent my team the photo and said, ‘Problem solved!’” Rochelle said. “They loved it.”

Photo Credit: Rochelle Andonian

It seems like the two dogs have finally understood the new normal although they still bark at times when it’s absolutely necessary.

Rochelle just loves them both so much!

“They actually keep me smiling even during some tough online meetings,” she said. “I miss the face-to-face with my clients, but I sure do enjoy spending additional time with my dogs. I can tell they love it, too.”

Source: The Dodo