Mom who Sold Engagement Ring to Pay Bills Gets Surprise from Daughter [Video]

  • When Kim Rowell was just a kid, her mom had to sell her engagement ring to pay for their bills.
  • This Christmas, they decided to look for a replica to give their mom as a present.
  • Their mom got teary-eyed as soon as she saw the contents of the ring box!

A mom got a heartfelt surprise this Christmas when her children gave her a replica of her engagement ring, which she had sold many years ago to pay the bills.

Kim Rowell recalled how their mom sold the ring to pay for their bills when she was just a kid. She shared a video capturing her mom’s reaction when they gifted her a replacement on Christmas morning:

In the video, Kim’s mom, Denise Terry, can be seen tearing up as soon as she saw the contents of the ring box. “It’s beautiful, and it’s pretty much exactly the same,” she said.

The video, which now has almost 40,000 likes, touched the hearts of many people who had the same experiences.

One comment read, “This is beautiful. But most of all, your mum, like so many mums (including mine) is a hero. Many mums up and down the country right now are giving up all they have or treasure for their children. Let’s make sure mums don’t have to do this in the future. Give them dignity.”

Another user praised Kim for the heartfelt gift, pointing out that while some people prefer lavish presents, gifts “from the heart are the best.”

Others were reminded of how their own parents made similar sacrifices for them during their childhood.

One person shared, “Tears seeing this. My single mother sold her beloved typewriter (bank prize for opening most new accounts) to pay for my five-year-old birthday and Christmas. What a beautiful thing to do for your mother. So moved on your and her behalf.”

Another replied, “My mum sold a rare Beatles collection she had when I was a kid to make ends meet. It was an [honor] to buy the exact same collection back for her Christmas present around 10 years ago. She cried and said she didn’t deserve it.”

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Source: Tank’s Good News

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