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Mom Writes Witty And Funny Poems About Her Dog’s Life… He Now Has A Book!



  • Shelby Maxwell from Colorado and her 130-pound Great Dane named Chief, is getting famous on the internet with their poems.
  • She started posting poems on the Facebook group Dogspotting and they always get viral.
  • Her poems are written from the point of view of her dog and they are all full of wit and humor!

“To give voice to the voiceless” is what animal lovers advocate for. But a woman took that aphorism to a whole new level.

Shelby Maxwell from Colorado has been gaining attention on the internet after she started posting poems from the point of view of her dog named Chief, a 130-pound Great Dane. She shares the poems in a popular Facebook group Dogspotting and soon enough, the duo now has fans around the world.

The poems in the voice of Chief are always full of wit and humor. They are about the challenges and trials in the life of a dog. She even includes a hashtag #ChiefersBarkowski in reference to the great poet Charles Bukowski.

Whenever Shelby posts a poem, it always gets viral with thousands of likes and shares and comments. It is always refreshing to read her works because they are light and fun, contrary to all the heavy and sad news we see everyday.

At first, Shelby’s goal was to just post poems for fun, but due to the massive response online of how good her works are, she has produced her book of poetry entitled: “Lubbies are a Dane From Heck: Poetry and Photos of Chiefers Barkowski.”

The book says Chief “likely describes himself as ‘tiny’ and ‘not big at all,’” and he has his own “dog-vocabulary.”

We are happy the Shelby and her poems are so well received. She has proven that the right time to pursue your talent and passion is now. There’s no waiting, as Nike said, ‘Just do it!’


Source: Inspire More