Most Iconic Parisian Bookstore Receives Massive Support After Facing Threats Of Bankruptcy

  • The world-famous Parisian bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, also faced the threats of COVID-19. 
  • They sought help from their supporters and since then, they have been flooded with online orders! 
  • The response of the loyal patrons was so overwhelming that they even have to shut down their website temporarily just to catch up!

Even the most famous and most iconic bookstore in the whole world has been affected by the threats of this global pandemic. 

The Paris landmark of literary, Shakespeare and Company, has also been greatly impacted by the novel coronavirus — and they had no option but to adapt with the change and alter their ways of doing business. 

“We’ve been [down] 80% since the first confinement in March, so at this point, we’ve used all our savings,” Sylvia Whitman, second-generation proprietor told Afar.

Just like other affected businesses, the Parisian bookstore tried to seek help from its supporters — and the response was incredible! 

The store has since been flooded with online orders — a record breaking 5,000 per week, compared to ordinary days that averages to 100 only. 

With the sudden surge of online orders, the shop was forced to temporarily shut down their website in order to catch up with them.

Photo Credit: Christine Zenino

Whitman has also initiated what she calls, the Friends of Shakespeare and Company fund — in which loyal patrons can apply for membership and be treated to exclusive events and perks. 

This is not the first time this world-famous store has battled challenges. Its history is long and colorful and full of wonders. 

It was originally owned by Sylvia Beach, who opened it as a salon and a bookshop that welcomed famous names in the history of literature! 

It was then passed down to Whitman’s father, George, who allowed readers to sleep in the shop because he believed that it fosters creativity as they immerse into the other worlds of wonderful stories. 

Whitman believes in the same thing and she’s determined to keep Shakespeare and Company a place where life and literature intermingle.

Source: Good News Network 

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