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Neighbors Surprise 11-Year-Old With A Lawn Mower Because He Wants To Start A Lawn Care Business



  • Eleven-year-old Ethan Reynolds gave out toiletries and nonperishable food to his struggling neighbors during the pandemic.
  • He wanted a lawnmower to start his own lawn care business for added funds for his charity work.
  • Neighbors gave him a new push mower which made him excited.

You would think that receiving a lawn mower as a gift is not that exciting for a fifth grader, right?  But for Ethan Reynolds of Columbus, Indiana, this is the sweetest gift to start his own business.

Then again, why lawn care as a business and what for?

Ethan will use the proceeds from his lawn-mowing to buy food and hygiene items to give for free to his neighbors who need it most.

Photo Credit: @EthansTable (Facebook)

Helping may just as be Ethan’s middle name.  The 11-year-old has always lent a helping hand as a volunteer for an animal shelter and a nursing home.  The pandemic has made him even more determined to help others as he has noticed more people with cardboard signs asking for food.

With his $10, he bought hygiene items and nonperishable food.  He brought out a table on his family’s front lawn with a sign saying “Free food”

His mom, Jessica Renolds, says “He’s been doing this kind of stuff for a long time now. When we would have garage sales, he (at age 7) would go to his room and get his candy and all of his little toys. And he would put them in boxes and offer them to other kids for free.”

Photo Credit: @EthansTable (Facebook)

Ethan’s free food table snowballed as his neighbor’s started helping out as well by adding their own donations of toiletries, canned fruits and meat, protein bars, and water bottles.

Donations of cash and goods started pouring in from all over when Ethan and his good deed got featured at a local news station.

His table got bigger and so he thought of setting up his own lawn care service for additional funding and his new charity. As his neighbors knew that it would be put to good use, they more than welcomed him to mow their lawns for a fee.

Photo Credit: @EthansTable (Facebook)

However, his old equipment kept getting bogged down.  So his neighbors surprised him with a brand-new push mower! Upon seeing the equipment, Ethan fell down the pavement from the excitement.

Ethan said the lawn mower is “rad” as he pushed and checked the lawn mower’s filter.


Keep up the good job, Ethan! 

Source: Inspire More