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New Yorker Delivers Thousands Of Free Meals To Health Worker To Honor His Late Dad



  • To honor his late father who died of cancer a few years ago, Jeffrey Kaplow decided to help the community amid this trying time.
  • Jeffrey, with the help of his friend Jennifer Asher, started to deliver meals to Mount Sinai hospitals totally for free!
  • Since then, their cause, Heroes for Heroes, has grown with a lot of volunteers.

The best way people can help during this time of health crisis is by staying at home healthy and safe. But there are those who go beyond to help the health workers in their own safe ways.

After the restaurants in New York City closed in March, with the help of their friends, Jeffrey and Jennifer Asher, decided to deliver meals for free to a hospital nearby.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Asher

Since then, their project has grown into an amazing cause called Heroes for Heroes. Volunteers of the project make fresh meals at local Subway stores and pack them before Jeffrey delivers them personally to Mount Sinai hospitals through Uber and Lyft rides. 

To date, they have already delivered 2,500 food to frontliners and they don’t have plans of stopping just yet.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Asher

To be able to provide them for free, Jeffrey and Jennifer set up a GoFundMe page and has since raised more than $45,000 for the project!

This is something that Jeffrey does to give back to the health workers who he is forever grateful for caring for his late father.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Asher

“My dad passed away a few years ago from cancer, and the hospital workers were amazing in taking care of him. So I feel like right now, I’m giving back to those that were helping my family, that have helped all our families. It’s what keeps me going,” he said.

With what the Heroes for Heroes is doing, the medical professionals are more inspired to work harder through this trying time. This act of kindness puts a smile on their faces despite their exhaustion.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Asher

These heroes take care of us by saving lives, and it is only fitting that we take care of them too. Thank you Heroes for Heroes for doing such amazing deeds!

Source: Inspire More