Newly-Adopted Dog Ends Up Rescuing Mom’s Granddaughter

  • A stray dog that has been living in the streets of a Texas neighborhood for the past seven years was hit by a car.
  • Animal rescuer Mary Cormier raised funds for the surgery and treatment of Ranger and took him to her home to recover.
  • After Ranger was adopted, he managed to alert his new mom about her granddaughter who was having a seizure in another room.

A hound-mix dog named Ranger has been living his life for the past seven years on the streets of College Station, Texas.  Animal rescuer Mary Cormier said that the dog has made it through every winter, every blistering Texas heat.

Photo Credit: Facebook

And when she was informed that Ranger was hit by a car and needed surgery immediately, she called on members of the community to raise funds for the pup’s expenses.  She also took the dog home while recovering from the procedure.  This was when she discovered that despite what the dog has been through, Ranger has maintained a heart of gold.

Mary said that Ranger was just a good dog and there is nothing negative that she could say about him.

Photo Credit: Facebook

After Ranger’s wounds have healed, Mary promised that she would find a good forever home for him as he deserves it.  The most important requirement was for Ranger to stay indoors. 

Judy Okert fit the bill and her first meeting with Ranger was just a case of love at first sight for both.

Ranger also showed that he is a perfect gentleman in his new home and a fierce protector of his new family.

Judy said, “He will walk with me and if there’s something he’s not too sure of, he will stop and put his hip right about my knee and we wait until he’s sure it’s alright to go on.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Ranger’s protective instincts were tested when Judy’s granddaughter had an emergency at home. Ranger whined and pawed at the child’s door to alert everyone and eventually went to Judy.

Now the grateful grandma cannot imagine what they would have done if not for Ranger.

You deserve the love and attention you are getting now, Ranger!

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